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Post TEU Activities

Leadership Project

Following the summer program, TEU participants will undertake a leadership project at their home institution.  Such a project could be: serving as a math teaching assistant; peer tutoring; conducting a workshop on implementing the Common Core Mathematics Standards for other pre-service teachers at their home institution; serving as peer advisor for standards-based lesson planning; organizing or tutoring in an after-school tutoring program at a local school; or giving a campus talk about mathematics teaching and the TEU program.  At the project's conclusion, participants will submit a brief report. 

Some of the past intern's projects included:

  • Co-presented “Learning From and Working With: Collaboration and Mentorship in the Classroom” with Science TEU student. We spoke to STEM Colloquium students at Barnard about the important role collaboration has in the field of education.

  • Presented with two of my peers at the Whitman College annual Power & Privilege Symposium. Collaborated on a presentation entitled “Solve for Equity: What does Power and Privilege have to do with Power and Privilege anyway?”, a presentation on matters of equity in the STEM professional field.

  • Tutoring fellow college students in mathematics weekly through semester to develop my leadership skills and teaching abilities.

  • Presented at my college’s annual conference to showcase student work in research or internships over the summer. I was part of a panel on education and spoke on “Teaching math with a growth mindset to urban high schoolers.”

  • Presented TEU program to fellow students in my college’s panel of summer internship experiences for math majors.

  • Worked as Supplemental Instruction Leader for a linear algebra course at Wellesley College. Responsibilities included observing classes, holding office hours, and creating lesson plans for and teaching twice-weekly hour-long supplementary sections of the course. The TEU program gave me increased confidence in teaching and significantly improved the quality of my lessons -- from plan to worksheet to execution.

  • Created a presentation/lesson plan with fellow TEU cohort for a higher-level Education class entitled “Changing Pedagogies in Math and Science” at Bryn Mawr College discussing the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

  • TEU program allowed me the confidence to mentor fellow female mathematics students to stay in STEM through position as a teaching assistant for upper level math course.


To support ongoing connections among participants and to contribute to their leadership development, TEU will provide funds to send students to a relevent STEM meeting in the year after their participation.  Relevant STEM meetings include those sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Science Teachers Association as well as many other STEM discipline-specific educational organizations.

In addition, TEU will host follow-up conferences for TEU participants. The conference for the 2016 and 2017 participants took place in New York City in January of 2018.  The conference for 2018, 2019, and 2020 participants will take place in 2020.  Participants will attend workshops and have the opportunity to give poster and oral presentations describing the ways in which they have built on what they learned since the summer program.  

2019 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Several of TEU Mathematics cohorts from the summer of 2018 were able to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting and Exposition April 4-6 2019 in San Diego, CA.  Once again the TEU program is grateful for NCTM's continued support of our TEU Mathematics interns and hosting them at the 2019 meetings. Below are photos with Robert Berry, the President of the NCTM and the author of "This is Not A Test", José Luis Vilson.

Interns with Robert Berry

Interns with José Luis Vilson

2018 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

The Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates program would like to thank the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) for their support of our TEU Mathematics interns and hosting them at the 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C. April 25–28, 2018. Click here for a Day in the Life of a Student at NCTM.