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Post TEU Activities

Leadership Project

Following the summer program, TEU participants will undertake a leadership project at their home institution. Such a project could be: serving as a science teaching assistant; peer tutoring; conducting a workshop on implementing the Next Generation Science Standards for other pre-service teachers at their home institution; serving as peer advisor for standards-based lesson planning; organizing or tutoring in an after-school tutoring program at a local school; or giving a campus talk about science teaching and the TEU program. At the project's conclusion, participants will submit a brief report.

Some of the past intern's projects included:

  • Co-designed the curriculum for a new biology general education class to be taught at my home institution.

  • Organized a campus talk that described TEU and my personal experiences. Worked with a mathematics TEU intern to include overview of the Science and Math TEU pedagogy course and teaching practicum.

  • Partnered with a professor at my school to revive an outreach program for the community in which physics students would design programs and perform at local elementary schools.

  • Created a presentation with fellow science TEU intern about the TEU program to present at our college. The presentation informed students about the responsibilities and activities for the summer science program and included some information about the Math program.

  • Together with a fellow math TEU intern presented “Learning From and Working With: Collaboration and Mentorship in the Classroom” at the Barnard College STEM Colloquium Series. Our presentation, delivered to a combination of students enrolled in the STEM colloquium course, other interested members of the student body, faculty from the university, community members, and current teachers, focused on relaying our experiences from the TEU program within a framework of understanding best practice.


To support ongoing connections among participants and to contribute to their leadership development, TEU will provide funds to send students to a relevant STEM meeting in the year after their participation. Relevant STEM meetings include those sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association as well as many other STEM discipline-specific educational organizations.

In addition, TEU will host follow-up conferences for TEU participants. The conference for the 2016 and 2017 participants took place in New York City in January of 2018. The conference for 2018, 2019, and 2020 participants will take place in 2020. Participants will attend workshops and have the opportunity to give poster and oral presentations describing the ways in which they have built on what they learned since the summer program.